28 Sep 2012

No enthusiasm for third Papua province - academic

9:52 am on 28 September 2012

An academic says it is doubtful whether the creation of a third province in Indonesia's Papua region would help improve service delivery for Papuans.

Indonesian lawmakers are opposed to the government moratorium on the creation of new administrative regions in place since 2009.

Discussion this week in the House of Representatives included calls to prioritise previously shelved plans for the creation of a South Papua province.

Jim Elmslie of the West Papua Project at Sydney University says there is little enthusiasm for a third province among ordinary Papuans after their region was split into two provinces a decade ago.

"After 2000 there was a rapid there was a rapid escalation in the number of regencies (from 9) until there's now about 33. So the bureaucracy has proliferated enormously. But the delivery of services in basic things like health and education has if anything dropped."