14 Sep 2012

Fiji radio campaign identifies senior citizens' human rights

1:24 pm on 14 September 2012

The need for the issues of older people in rural Fiji to be mainstreamed is one of the conclusions from a consultation in the Ba area that is being broadcast on community radio today.

The consultation with about 30 women and a few men is part of FemLINK Pacific's Not Just Sweet Talk rural broadcasting campaign, which got underway last month and is being aired on FemTALK 89FM.

FemLINK Pacific's executive director says the project is among other civil society initiatives aiming to give everyone access to the process being used to draft a new constitution.

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls says the consultation has helped identify some of the human rights issues for senior citizens.

"So in addition to gender equality and women's human rights, what does it mean to be a rural woman and an older woman, you know, an older rural woman as well, and how do we make sure that the Bill of Rights connects to their issues as well as the political architecture following elections."

FemLINK Pacific's executive director Sharon Bhagwan Rolls.