13 Sep 2012

Inaugural Samoa investment conference to highlight ease of doing business

1:54 pm on 13 September 2012

An inaugural conference on investment in Samoa aims to demonstrate the ease of doing business in the country.

The two-day InvestSamoa starts in Auckland on September the 20th and is expected to be attended by companies from around New Zealand as well as other countries, including China.

Samoa's Trade Commissioner, Fonoti Lafitai Fuatai, says 18 projects and investment opportunities will be presented at the show, which he describes as an experimental step for his country.

Fonoti says doing business in Samoa is getting easier by the year.

"We're trying to resolve land issues and also foreign currency issues for people wanting to come to Samoa to invest their money. We're resolving the issues by the day and I think there shouldn't be too many problems."

Fonoti Lafitai Fuatai says the show is being held in Auckland because it's a key hub for investors from Asia and countries around the Pacific.