7 Sep 2012

Termite riddled stadium in Marshall Islands in danger of collapse

5:05 am on 7 September 2012

A Japanese Government report says the roof of the main sports complex in Majuro in the Marshall Islands is in danger of collapse and needs to be demolished and removed.

The report says it will cost more than five million US dollars to replace it.

A team from the Japan International Cooperation Agency confirmed termite damage is extensive in eight of the remaining 14 timber arches in the sports facility, known as the Educational Cultural Center.

A small portion of the roof collapsed last year, forcing a halt to use of the facility and a government request to Japan, which provided funding to construct the sports complex in 1997, to assess the problem.

The Center is the only gymnasium in Majuro and until last year hosted daily sports events, practices and other community activities.

The report recommends the demolition of existing wooden arches that support the roof, as early as possible, with the termite specialist and a structural engineer saying there is a high chance the roof will collapse within six months.