10 Aug 2012

Port Moresby Governor committed to transformation of PNG capital

6:43 pm on 10 August 2012

The re-elected governor of Papua New Guinea's National Capital District says he is determined to keep transforming Port Moresby into a world class capital city.

Powes Parkop was declared winner of the NCD regional seat in the last confirmed result in the general election.

"I'm ready for a second term to continue what we have started and that is baically to transform our city, make it a true nation's capital, one that can set standards and can become an example. In the past it was more like a noose around our neck, promoting bad values and bad virtues and promoting crime, violence and what have you."

Powes Parkop says that over the last four years his administration has managed to gradually change the city.

He says they've reduced opportunistic crime in Moresby by over 50 percent, made it a safer city at night, reduced the prevalence of HIV/AIDs, and started rebuilding key infrastructure.