2 Jul 2012

Embattled Tonga government now wants voters' views

1:19 pm on 2 July 2012

Tonga's noble dominated government is still managing to stave off a vote of no confidence.

A special sitting of parliament is being held today after the government of Lord Tu'ivakano last week successfully won more time to consider the motion of no confidence brought by the opposition Democratic Party.

The Democrats' leader Akilisi Pohiva says now there is a push in the Legislative Assembly for MPs to poll their constituents to gauge whether they want a change of government.

He says it is a delay tactic but the final decision is the Speaker's.

"The Speaker he has to be independent in making his final decision on this issue. Anyway we [the Democratic Party] are still discussing the proposal from the ministers to take the issue to the people."

Tonga's opposition leader Akilisi Pohiva says he still expects a vote to go ahead today.