14 May 2012

Agriculture being taught in PNG schools

10:11 am on 14 May 2012

High school students in Papua New Guinea have begun a new agriculture course designed to improve the future of country's food security and nutrition.

The National Agricultural Research Institute has launched the Dissemination of Agricultural Innovation project at three high schools across PNG.

Its deputy director general Sergie Bang says the project involves distributing improved crop varieties and small livestock to the high altitude highlands which have limited food crops.


The purpose of the project is really to improve the food security and the nutrition of the people there through the use of a variety of food crops and small livestock. And we are providing this through the high schools there so that the students once they've learned of these new technologies then they can take this information and technology back to their parents and so the communities there can benefit.

Sergie Bang says agriculture should be a compulsory subject at high school as the majority of school leavers return to their home farms.