14 May 2012

Indonesian authorities warned over treatment of Papuan leaders

10:17 am on 14 May 2012

Indonesia is being been urged to pay close attention to the health and well being of the men jailed for treason after they declared the Federal Republic of West Papua.

The five, including President Forkorus Yaboisembut and Prime Minister Edison Waromi, have been jailed for over three years and are being held in Abepura Prison

They were arrested at last October's Third Papuan People's Congress in Jayapura.

The legal aid NGO, LP3BH in Manakwori, says prison authorities need to make sure their conditions are being regularly monitored.

Its executive-director of Yan Christian Warinussy says this monitoring should be done on a daily basis.

He says people in many countries are very concerned about how the group are faring in prison.

He added that special attention is being shown in the USA, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the European Union, France and New Zealand.

He also adds international human rights NGOs as well as United Nations agencies are keeping an eye on the situation