24 Apr 2012

Pacific advised to benefit from cruise ship boom

6:36 pm on 24 April 2012

A regional tourism marketing group is advising Pacific Islands governments to ensure their wharf infrastructure is able to keep up with the growing cruise ship industry.

The Pacific has benefitted from a global growth in the cruise ship industry, with a 17 percent rise in passenger visits in the region over the last five years.

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation says Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu get the most benefit from this increase.

Its chief executive, Ilisoni Vuidreketi, says Pacific countries can be more active in putting together facilities that are able to accommodate the ships visitors.

"There is a greater move towards ship moving companies building bigger ships. Ten years ago there was not as many as these large crew ships. So that's been a concern for us because we in the pacific do not have those facilities. So that's when the direction of the governments have to come in and recognise the importance of island countries building infrastructure to accommodate these cruise ships."

Ilisoni Vuidreketi.