19 Apr 2012

Vanuatu to share its agro-biodiversity

10:26 am on 19 April 2012

The Vanuatu Agricultural Research and Training Centre says it's in a good position now to

share its experience in agro-biodiversity with other countries in the region.

VARTC's director, Marie Melteres, says Vanuatu has been developing its ago-biodiversity strategies since 2005.

She says during that period, it has developed genetics species and improved planting materials.

She says these new planting materials are in local crops such as sweet potatoes, cassava, taros and yams have already been distributed to the farmers.

Marie Melteres says climate change has become an issue and because of this, Vanuatu

is keen to share its expertise in agro-biodiversity to other countries.

"We thought that we are in a place to contribute to other Pacific Islands interms of genetic improvement of their crops."

Last month, Marie Melteres, was invited to attend a meeting on climate change and agro-biodiversity in Fiji to share the Vanuatu experience with other participating countries.