18 Apr 2012

Niue people say they want more information from government on dengue outbreak

1:29 pm on 18 April 2012

People in Niue say they're being kept in the dark about an outbreak of dengue fever and they want more information from the government.

There have been at least 20 confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne disease in the last four weeks.

Our correspondent in Niue Mona Ainuu says it has been hard to get information from the government on the number of cases and there have been reports the hospital has not been able to cope.

She says Niue people are worried numbers will increase.

"We're hearing bits and pieces from different sources and to some people that's not good enough. The Health Department should come about and say look here are the numbers and this is what we want people to do."

Our correspondent in Niue Mona Ainuu.

The Health Minister Joan Viliamu says the situation is under control but she would not comment further until receiving an update from the hospital tomorrow morning.