17 Apr 2012

Commonwealth ministers urge Fiji to fully restore human rights

6:37 am on 17 April 2012

The Commonwealth ministerial action group has urged Fiji to restore full respect for human rights.

The group met overnight in London, and received an update from the Secretary-General on recent developments in Fiji.

The group, which includes the Ministers of foreign ministers of Australia and Vanuatu, welcomed the lifting of the Public Emergency Regulations.

However, it says restrictions on human rights remain in place under the Public Order Amendment Decree and other decrees.

It urged the Government to restore full respect for human rights, including freedoms of expression and assembly, and access to justice.

It says those values are not only fundamental to the Commonwealth, but also indispensable in order to create the environment necessary for credible constitutional consultations and elections.

The group also expressed its concern for the people of Fiji following the recent devastating floods.