4 Apr 2012

Calls for Samoa govt to invest in large scale rice production

10:45 am on 4 April 2012

A Chinese agricultural expert says Samoa could be the next rice producer in the Pacific if the government invests in large scale production of the crop.

Mr Hwang, is leading a Chinese team of experts at the Nu'u agricultural station where rice is being trialed.

Samoa imports tonnes of rice each year and it is becoming a staple diet, particularly amongst young people who prefer it to local staples such as taro, banana and breadfruit.

Mr Hwang told Talamua online Samoa's soil is good for all crops and people are needed to monitor rice patches to daily and water them.

He says Samoa's hot and humid climate requires extra work to grow rice.

He says the first rice seeds were grown four months ago at Nu'u and it is growing at a fast pace.