21 Feb 2012

Pacific Island communities resilient in aftermath of Christchurch quake

3:17 pm on 21 February 2012

Pacific Island church and community workers in Christchurch say the community has fared generally well in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake a year ago.

The city's Pacific Island residents are among those marking tomorrow's anniversary.

The historic St Paul's Trinity Pacific Presbyterian Church had to be demolished after the 6 point 3 quake but the church's Assistant Minister Robin Walsh says its five hundred-strong mostly Samoan congregation has been resilient.

"There's not an emphasis on consumerism, materialism, the important thing is people, so the loss of a home doesn't seem to be such a big thing as it does a European - our home is our castle sort of thing - whereas for them it's just four walls and a roof."

Robin Walsh says a strong network of Samoan elders has helped people deal with any stress associated with the quake.