10 Feb 2012

25 American Samoa students suspended over brawl

3:16 pm on 10 February 2012

25 students in American Samoa have been suspended in connection with a melee that occurred last Friday on the Tafuna High School campus.

School principal, Lentoy Matagi, says the move is an effort to protect innocent students as well as her staff.

A school counsellor, who tried to stop the fight, was injured with a rock.

He and two students were hospitalised following the brawl.

The fight, which occurred during school hours, stemmed from a clash between students from Vaitogi and Nu'uuli.

The Assistant Attorney General, Terrie Bullinger, who handles juvenile matters, says police are looking for some of the students involved in the fight who fled the scene.

She says they're still trying to figure out how to stop student fights.

"I know that Judge Ward has urged that programmes should be used in the earlier years, like in the elementary schools and in the high schools, but starting young. That is like peace making, anti violence type of activities."