3 Feb 2012

US marine transfer rethink a good decision says Guam senator

6:47 am on 3 February 2012

The speaker of Guam's legislature is welcoming a United States defence department rethink of the military build-up planned for the territory.

The Pentagon is reported to be considering transferring thousands of marines from its Futenma base in Japan to parts of the Pacific other than Guam.

Agreement last year to relocate eight-thousand Okinawa marines and their dependents to Guam as soon as possible after 2014 was part of a broader 2006 accord to reorganise American troops in Japan.

The democrat senator Judith Won Pat says although Guam's government hasn't yet been briefed on the latest decision, scaling down the scope of the transfer makes sense.

"What they're going to do now I believe is that there might be some reconsideration, some downsizing or slowing it down, spreading it out, because we were saying that this is all going to happen so fast and there's no way the government or Guam or the military will be able to get the infrastructure all in place to make sure this happens."

Judith Won Pat says the US needs to outline its new plan to Guam.