19 Jan 2012

Dismissed cabinet minister to take Vanuatu government to task on misusing public money

6:08 pm on 19 January 2012

A dismissed Vanuatu cabinet minister Ralph Regenvanu says misuse of public funds is the most serious problem facing Vanuatu.

The Prime Minister Sato Kilman sacked Mr Regenvanu for disloyalty after he voted against the government on joining the World Trade Organisation.

Mr Regenvanu has left the ruling Alliance group and says he is looking forward to being able to criticise more freely in parliament now that he is no longer on the government benches.

He says he'll take the government to task on a range of issues, with government spending at the top of the agenda.

"A lot of the time we're using funds for politicians' benefit or on things that are not providing service to the people. There are things like unpaid teachers' and nurses' salaries, the need for maintenance of government buildings which are falling apart, the maintenance of roads which should be the first priority."

Mr Regenvanu says he will also focus on preparing his own party for the election later this year.