18 Jan 2012

New airline to increase trade between CNMI and Guam

7:26 am on 18 January 2012

CNMI Investors are optimistic their move to purchase an airline company from Alaska will boost the local economy and provide more competition on the sector.

Arctic Circle Air's vice president of sales, Paul Zak says their aim is to counter expensive freight costs and move cargo quickly between the CNMI and Guam

The airline is eyeing two flights a day - one in the morning and another in the afternoon - for three to four times a week from mid March.

Currently he says Guam imports on average one million US dollars worth of fresh produce a month, and CNMI's fresh produce export to Guam has been popular in the past.

"After World War 2, the island of Saipan was exporting in excess of 200,000 pounds of vegetables to Guam on a monthly basis. Tinian, our adjourning island was doing a little bit more about 250,000 pounds. But if you look at our current statistics now, very very little. 21"

Paul Zak says the service will utilise a twin engine Britten Norman Islander aircraft.