16 Dec 2011

Church leader says coalition solution to PNG impasse has broad support

12:58 pm on 16 December 2011

The Catholic Archbishop of Papua New Guinea says there is broad support for the churches' call for a grand coalition to run the country until next year's elections.

The churches suggested the grand coalition on Thursday as the two groups claiming they have the right to run the government remain at loggerheads.

Archbishop John Ribat says they envisage all politicians working together with no opposition.

He says it's an idea with backing from civil society, government agencies and the unions.

"There should be time to come together to talk and come to a better agreement of where they are. And this should lead the country from here onward. It doesn't matter who leads, according to their agreement or whatever, but we want peace, we want things running normal again for everybody, for the whole nation and for everyone, and we think that could be the best now - a grand coalition, that is what we are thing of."

PNG Catholic Archbishop John Ribat