12 Dec 2011

Samoa woman lawyer fined by village council for adultery

8:25 pm on 12 December 2011

A prominent woman lawyer has been fined by the council of chiefs of Leulumoega village in Samoa after allegations of adultery against her were proven.

Talamua online says the lawyer was present during the village council meeting where she was fined five hundred US dollars.

The allegations stem from an affair the lawyer had with a married businessman.

The man had won the district's seat in the general election but lost it after allegations of corrupt electoral practices against him were proven in court.

A Leulumoega village spokesperson says the woman action's had degraded the value of the matai title she holds and in doing so, shamed the village.

Talamua online reports that it believes this is the first time a lawyer has been penalised for adultery by a village council.