2 Dec 2011

PNG Opposition MP claims government planning to oust more key officials

6:34 pm on 2 December 2011

The Madang MP Sir Arnold Amet has sounded the alarm about what he claims are more moves by Papua New Guinea's O'Neil government to sack senior officials.

The former Attorney General claims to have information that discussions are being held in government to remove the Commander of the Defence Force, Francis Agwi, and Chief Electoral Commissioner, Andrew Trawen.

Sir Arnold, who last month alerted public attention to the O'Neil government's plans to remove the Chief Justice, is concerned that due processes aren't being followed.

"You've got to have legitimate, justfiable reasons for discipline or in law to remove them. You cannot just arbitrarily, as and when you don't like particular officers for all manner of reasons. These two gentlemen are Sepiks and there's been a vendetta out against Sepiks."

Sir Arnold Amet

Meanwhile, the former Somare administration, of which Sir Arnold is a central part, says it will be filing contempt proceedings against those actions which are seen to be in contempt of court.

The administration stands to be reinstalled if a Supreme Court challenge against the legitimacy of the O'Neill government is successful when the ruling is delivered next Friday.