29 Nov 2011

Consumer Council praises Fiji govt for addressing hardship

8:26 pm on 29 November 2011

Fiji's Consumer Council says the government has addressed the hardship people are facing in its 2012 budget.

The budget includes wage increases for public servants and tax cuts for low income earners.

The Council's chief executive, Premila Kumar says that will put more money in people's pockets.

She says increases in the price of cigarettes and tobacco, and some forms of entertainment, will hit mostly high-earners.

"This is the first time ever where government has done a thorough exercise, introducing a well thought-out budget, unlike in the past where the budgets were just really lazy budgets, and you'd just expect the usual. But this was something that was done quite differently, and that has boosted confidence, as well as created a very positive approach."

Premila Kumar says the cost of imported fruits and vegetables will decrease after duty was taken off them.