23 Nov 2011

Call for domestic violence education in PNG schools

4:13 pm on 23 November 2011

The assistant commissioner of police for Papua New Guinea's Highlands region wants children to be taught about domestic violence at school.

The comment follows a suggestion from another member of the Highlands police force that the bride price system is one of the major contributing factors to the high rate of violence against women.

But Simon Kauba says even if the dowry system could be removed, other more significant factors such as alcohol abuse and socio-economic pressure would remain.

He says there should be more education on why violence against women is unacceptable.

"Particularly it should be introduced in the school syllabus and it can be brought across the nation to the schools and institutions. This may be one way and the other one that I see is that I think the male population has to come down to earth and realise the importance that the woman plays in this country."

Simon Kauba says violence against women has increased as resource development has accelerated in PNG.