21 Nov 2011

Fiji to have record number of qualified nurses after 2011, says Minister of Health

7:38 pm on 21 November 2011

The Minister for Health in Fiji says the country will have a record number of qualified nurses by the end of the year.

Dr Neil Sharma's statement comes in response to recent warnings by the Fiji Nurse's Association that nurses are leaving for greener pastures.

Dr Sharma says national statistics show more expatriate nurses are returning while fewer are leaving and says there will be more nursing graduates than ever before.

"For the first time in Fiji's history we have just over 2000 nurses. This has never been the case. Previously, before 2009 the numbers were 1500. So we have built up capacity with the younger nurses and we are raising that number."

Dr Neil Sharma says Fiji used to gain about 30 nurses annually and expects to produce 170 graduates this year.