21 Nov 2011

Indonesian researcher calls on Jakarta to face reality in Papua

3:07 pm on 21 November 2011

An Indonesian researcher specialising in Papua says more pressure is being applied on Jakarta to review the policy of deploying so many troops in its eastern region.

Muridan Widjojo from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences says the heavy presence of Indonesia's military is the main factor undermining law and order in both Papua and West Papua provinces.

The Institute has been lobbying the government to enter into a dialogue with Papuans to settle grievances peacefully.

Muridan says there are signs of political will to bring change in Papua, but not enough:

"We should show our support stronger and stronger, better (that) the civil society is behind the President's willing, to organise dialogue with the Papuans to solve the problems and address the security issues in Papua properly as the people have wished for so long. If we just fold our hands, there will be a kind of gap between the discourse of the President and the reality in Papua."

Muridan Widjojo