7 Nov 2011

Consultant in Samoa finds money hampers development of green economy

6:58 pm on 7 November 2011

A consultant in Samoa says funding is a key reason for the country's struggle develop a greener and more sustainable economy.

Sam Sesega is compiling a country report ahead next June's United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Brazil.

He says people in Samoa are becoming more supportive of sustainable development, caring for the local environment and protecting natural resources, but implementation is still a challenge.

"It's easy to put policies in place but its a major task and a major challenge trying to get that to work on the ground. It needs a lot of funding it needs proper structures for coordinating work involving different agencies and ministries and it demands a lot of capacity in terms of government expertise and so forth, and the private sector as well."

Samoan consultant Sam Sesega.