1 Nov 2011

WHO and CDC arrive in Marshall Islands to assist with dengue outbreak

5:39 am on 1 November 2011

International disease control and prevention teams are expected to arrive in the Marshall Islands today to help combat an outbreak of dengue fever in Majuro.

The government declared a state of emergency last week in an attempt to battle the growing rate of the mosquito-borne disease, which has risen to 74 confirmed cases and 45 probable cases.

The Secretary of Health, Justina Langidrik, says an entomology team from the World Health Organisation and group from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta will be assisting health officials.

"They will be working with the Ministry to look at the breeding sites. And we've already had some plans for a major clean-up on the island. And we've already distributed all these educational material and travel advisory on the radio and all these things."

Justina Langidrik says a unusual amount of rain could be a contributing factor to the rise in dengue fever.