28 Oct 2011

Samoa Water Authority says rain a relief but vigilance still needed

3:46 pm on 28 October 2011

The Samoa Water Authority says intermittent recent rain across the country has helped ease water concerns but conservation is still important

Urban manager Ekiumeni Fauolo says prior to the rain a sustained dry period resulted in water catchments hovering around just a quarter full.

But Mr Fauolo says the last three weeks has seen about 60 millimetres of rainfall each week.

No restrictions have had to be applied over the last few months, but Mr Fauolo says a publicity campaign, highlighting water conservation, has made a strong impact.

"The changes in the water patterns now are very unpredictable so we keep in close contact with the meteorological office. And as soon as they flag a dry season approaching our best defence is our people. We will inform our people. Then we will be okay."

Ekiumeni Fauolo

He says reasonable rain isn't forecast till the end of next month.

Mr Fauolo says they can still supply Tokelau with fresh water if required.

This week Tokelau lifted a drought-related State of Emergency.