26 Oct 2011

Former Kiribati president says Fiji should not be re-admitted to Forum

6:38 am on 26 October 2011

A former Kiribati President says Fiji should not be re-admitted to the Pacific Islands Forum.

Fiji is suspended from the Forum over its refusal to hold elections, but the current Kiribati President, Anote Tong, says it should be allowed back in to have dialogue.

Teburoro Tito is now an opposition MP, but was President when the Biketawa Declaration, which sets up a framework for responses to regional crises, was signed in Kiribati.

He says the Declaration set up standards for the region.

"Standards of governance, of good practice and so on. So, what our President is saying, about Fiji being allowed into the Forum, regardless of its current status, is to me, going backwards."

Teburoro Tiro says the Forum needs to move on from the so-called Pacific Way, and do serious business.