6 Oct 2011

New Caledonia gives UN decolonisation progress report

2:45 pm on 6 October 2011

New Caledonia's vice president, Gilbert Tyuienon, has told the United Nations in New York that the transition of New Caledonia is taking place in a rigorous fashion and according to schedule.

Mr Tyuienon says in keeping with the Noumea Accord, the transfer of the administration will begin at the beginning of next year.

He also says the Kanak flag is already flying alongside the flag of the French republic on public buildings of New Caledonia.

Mr Tyuienon says New Caledonia is making strides towards achieving a balanced institutional future, and is seeking to strengthen the tools of the country's decision-makers, who would need to take a stand and cast their ballots when the time came.

By choosing a pro-independence politician as Congress president, he says New Caledonia has signalled it has moved beyond a majority/minority mindset, and is establishing a new kind of government.