23 Sep 2011

Pacific women prison officers struggling to gain equality

3:19 pm on 23 September 2011

The chairperson of the correctional service women's network in Solomon Islands says women prison officiers are struggling to earn recognition despite being as capable as their male counterparts.

Leah Alufo'oa says while in Solomon Islands women can work in male prisons this is not the case in other Pacific countries.

Ms Alufo'oa made the comment at the first ever Pacific Islands correctional women's conference in Honaria.

She says where the sexes do work together women are poorly represented in management and overall decision making.

"Women need to stand up and to prove ourselves to our male counterparts, what men can do we can also do. The women also share that even though we have this issue on gender but yet women can perform better than men sometimes."

Leah Alufo'oa.

Eleven countries are represented at the week-long conference which concludes today.