13 Sep 2011

Air Kiribati suspension affects 300 travellers

6:41 am on 13 September 2011

The national airline of Kiribati says about three-hundred passengers have been affected by a suspension of its flights between the capital and Fiji.

An email was sent to Air Kiribati last week informing the airline that its Tarawa to Nadi route, operated by Nauru's national carrier Our Airline, was to be temporarily halted by Fiji's interim regime.

A spokesman for Air Kiribati, Itibwebwe Kabriera says no reason was given for the suspension and says up to three-hundred passengers have had to change their flights.

"When they cancelled our flights last Wednesday, what we do is we transferred those people who supposed to fly with our airline back, to Air Pacific."

Itibwebwe Kabriera says discussions are now underway to resolve the matter.