2 Aug 2011

Fiji pensioners website to keep people informed over planned cuts to super fund

3:17 pm on 2 August 2011

A group of Fiji pensioners has launched a website to make information available about the government's reported intention to cut superannuation payments.

All workers in Fiji compulsorily belong to the Fiji National Provident Fund and all employers compulsorily contribute to each worker member's account.

The FNPF and the interim Attorney General are being taken to court by pensioner David Burness, who says proposed changes to the pension, including drastic cuts, are discriminatory.

In a statement, the group says the government and FNPF have made statements and placed advertisements accusing those objecting to the cut in superannuation of being merely 'self interested'.

It says with media censorship still operating FNPF members can not give statements about the severe disadvantages and injustices current and future pensioners face.

They have launched the website as a means of informing people about the situation.

The website can be accessed at fijipensioners.com.