1 Aug 2011

Compensation suits cost Papua News Guinea millions

1:47 pm on 1 August 2011

Papua New Guinea's attorney general says human rights abuse cases brought against state departments are costing the government millions of dollars.

The police department alone has cost the state more than 43 million US dollars in compensation payments over the past 10 years.

Police beatings, mistreatment, and destruction of property, account for many of the cases.

Sir Arnold Amet, who's also Minister of Justice, says a number of government departments have contributed to the litigation costs but the police and defence force top the list.

He says part of the problem with the police is the standard of recruits isn't high enough.

"The entry level qualification, education needs to increase and then the length of their training is inadequate and so it contributes to the lack of discipline progressively in dealing with the civil rights of the public."

Sir Arnold Amet says thousands of other cases against the State are still pending.