29 Jul 2011

Guam's business people call for US to hold off Chinese influence in Micronesia

3:32 pm on 29 July 2011

The armed forces committee of the Guam Chamber of commerce has spoken about the need for the United States to hold off the influence of China in Micronesia.

The Pacific News Centre reports that the committee has met with military and civilian officials in Washington DC to discuss plans for the US military buildup on Guam.

One of the underlying messages the committee pushed is how China's growing influence in the Pacific could affect US strategic interests.

Committee member Lee Webber says China's been very aggressively moving into the Pacific Islands region in the last twenty years.

"China's going around the world, soaking up enormous amounts of resources. This is what we're trying to drive home. Most of the islands throughout Micronesia and throughout the Pacific are very small economies. It doesn't take a lot of money to own political, economic and business soft power throughout these regions."

Lee Webber