29 Jul 2011

United Micronesia can harness global clout, says Guam Governor

12:56 pm on 29 July 2011

The Governor of Guam has used his address at the annual Micronesian Chiefs Executive Summit in Pohnpei to push for a united Micronesian agenda at the United Nations.

Eddie Calvo told fellow Micronesian leaders that the UN voting members among them have global economic clout - if they choose to use it - especially given their collective relationship with the US.

Mr Calvo questioned why Micronesians haven't profited in the same way as the countries which profit billions of dollars from the resources in and transportation of resources through Micronesia.

He said the 1958 Geneva Conventions on the Law of the Sea and international treaties have allowed for the exploitation of Micronesian waters and the high seas in between.

Governor Calvo has proposed Micronesia's UN voting members seek a partnership with the US in order to envelope their region into a Micronesia Economic Zone.

The rights to fish, transport and travel through this area should rest with this body and be protected by international convention.