28 Jul 2011

Samoa nurses seeking unpaid overtime and allowances

6:48 pm on 28 July 2011

More than 200 nurses in Samoa are asking their association for help saying their overtime and allowances haven't been paid for several months.

There is a concern the decision to suspend payment of overtime and allowances may jeopardize nursing services throughout the country.

Some nurses have decided not to accept a call back for duties as a result.

The President of the Nurses' Association, Mrs Saamanatu Nielson, says she will be meeting the National Health Board on Friday to discuss the matter.

"Just to understand the situation, the truth. Whether its sacrifice the nurses' allowance for that reason or what? For six months."

Meanwhile a salary increase of one point nine percent for nurses, approved by cabinet last year and due to take effect this month, has not yet been paid.