22 Jul 2011

More attempts tonight to refloat ship stuck an American Samoa reef

6:23 pm on 22 July 2011

Rescuers were hoping that a fishing vessel that ran aground a reef off American Samoa's main island of Tutuila could free itself at high tide this morning.

But this has turned out to be wishful thinking.

The fishing boat, Inja, is still stuck on the reef.

Lieutenant Steven Caskey, head of the local Coast Guard unit says efforts are being made to pump out the vessel's fuel and remove other contents so that it can refloat on this evening's high tide.

The boat has about three tonne of fish on board.

Lieutenant Caskey says if that doesn't work they will have to tow the boat off the reef.

The captain and 7 crew members were not injured in the grounding.

The boat lost its engine while returning to Pago Pago from a fishing trip.