21 Jul 2011

Fiji union head dismisses interim regime claim about high salaries and expenses

4:15 pm on 21 July 2011

The head of Fiji's Public Service Association says if the interim attorney general wants to make claims about the expenses of unionists, he should reveal his own salary first.

Senior union officials have been campaigning abroad about increasing curbs on unions in Fiji including plans to exclude them from representing workers in critical industries like the airline sector.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has claimed that union officials drive expensive cars and have large salaries, paid for by their members.

But the Fiji PSA's Rajeshwar Singh says those issues are irrelevant.

"First of all they should tell their salaries, and then ask for somebody else's. It comes out from the taxpayers' money. A vehicle has always been part of the provision for the general secretary to use and that vehicle was bought five years back, with the approval of the national council, endorsed by the Annual General Meeting, and what he is saying is not even half the price that it was bought then."

Rajeshwar Singh, the general secretary of Fiji's Public Service Association.