20 Jul 2011

CNMI/Guam reunification prompts a lot of questions

1:18 pm on 20 July 2011

The Northern Marianas delegate to the United States Congress, Gregorio Kilili Sablan, has raised questions about governor Benigno Fitial's push for the CNMI to re-unify with Guam.

He asks what would happen to the Covenant the people of the Commonwealth had negotiated with the U.S.

Mr Sablan says this document has served the CNMI well for a generation.

He also asked when the two Republican governors plan to include the public and other local leaders in their private talks.

Mr Fitial has told the US Congress's subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs that he and the Guam governor Eddie Calvo have vowed to work together to reunify the two areas.