19 Jul 2011

Methodists in Samoa rethinking contribution frequency

3:34 pm on 19 July 2011

The Women's Fellowship of the Methodist Church in Samoa is proposing that annual faamati or contributions to the upkeep of church pastors and their families be held every two years instead of every year.

The Fellowship is proposing this as one of its resolutions to be presented to the annual conference of the Methodist Church now underway in Faleula.

Delegates from American Samoa, Australia, New Zealand and the United States are attending.

During the faamati church members donate for improvements to the residence of the church pastor which can range from furniture to renovations or even new homes.

The President Nuufou Potoi said that having the faamati every two years will allow enough time for members to save for major projects as some parishes have even gone to the extent of purchasing cars for their pastors.

She said this would also lessen financial pressure on families for their contributions towards the faamati.