13 Jul 2011

Call for caution amid French Polynesia's stalled reforms

2:38 pm on 13 July 2011

A group of French Polynesian assembly members says it would be a mistake to force through planned public sector cuts without broad consultations.

The group of outer island members belonging to the ruling majority issued a statement after yesterday's rescheduled debate on the reforms was deferred indefinitely.

The group says the assembly is running the risk of having to make tough decisions which would shift the debate, which was originally scheduled for late June, from the assembly into the streets.

There are fears of massive job losses because of the planned closure of government agencies, including Tahiti Nui TV, to meet the terms for a further French loan.

The group has praised the president, Oscar Temaru, for the courage to undo the excesses which it attributes to the days of Gaston Flosse.

The French high commissioner has said there is no urgency for the assembly to submit its plan but adds that as long as the proposed cuts are not communicated, the loan won't be released.