5 Jul 2011

French Polynesia to invite UN amid decolonisation campaign

5:41 pm on 5 July 2011

French Polynesia's assembly has decided to invite the head of the United Nations Decolonisation Committee to Papeete next month.

This was announced by an assembly vice president, Hiro Tefaarere, who says the planned visit would be before the president, Oscar Temaru, travels to the Pacific Islands Forum summit in Auckland in September.

Mr Temaru has unsuccessfully campaigned for the territory to be re-inscribed on the list of territories to be decolonised as, so far, France has only acceded to New Caledonia's decolonisation request.

His government planned to hold an assembly vote this month to pass a formal resolution on the matter but it appears some assembly members have now withdrawn their support.

Mr Tefaarere has told Tahitipresse that a special session on the issue will be held in August, adding that 30 of the 57 assembly members have signed up to the decolonisation bid.