27 Jun 2011

Samoa former opposition MP's private prosecution dismissed

7:01 am on 27 June 2011

A District court judge in Samoa has dismissed two counts of bribery in a private prosecution case filed by a former opposition MP, Toluono Feti Toluono, against a ruling party M, Afoafouvale John Moors.

The MP was accused of giving two thousand US dollars each to a local church and the village council of Fa'ala before the general election which was held in March.

But judge Mata Tuatagaloa dismissed the case because of insufficient evidence to support the charges.

The complainant, Toluono Feti, who held the parliamentary seat for the last five year term, was one of the four unsuccessful election candidates who competed in the Palauli East constituency.

Two other private prosecution cases alleging bribery relating to the general election were withdrawn after parties involved have reconciled and settled the matters.