24 Jun 2011

Pacific's first private hospital in Samoa goes broke

1:42 pm on 24 June 2011

The first ever private hospital in the Pacific Islands has gone broke and its fate is now being decided by stakeholders.

The MedCen Hospital in Vailima, Samoa, was set up in 1998 and provides emergency care and essential health services by local professionals and visiting specialists.

Last month, the Chief Executive Officer of the Development Bank of Samoa, Tuiasau Saumani WongSing, said the government might have to take over MedCen's assets and equipment.

The Development Bank made an initial 850,000 US dollar investment in the hospital and Saumani says he's trying to recoup the funds.

The hospital received international certification status in 2003.

The hospital's director Dr Emosi Puni says a committee has been set up to decide how the hosptial will continue to be financed.

The government is in negotiations with the Development Bank and Dr Puni is hopeful the hospital's future is secure.

A decision is expected next week before the financial year ends.