20 Jun 2011

Report finds Tonga government ill-advised in claims that city rebuild funds misused

3:16 pm on 20 June 2011

A report has found that the prime minister and cabinet in Tonga have been ill-advised over the progress of the Nuku'alofa rebuild.

Economic development consultant Melino Maka and academic Dr Teena Brown Pulu were commissioned by the government to investigate the handling of the reconstruction.

Mr Maka says they found the rebuild itself is being well managed and remains on schedule.

But he says advisors to the prime minister and cabinet have made inaccurate claims against the previous government over missing funds and criticised the Project Management Unit, and construction company.

"All they had to do is to ask for information that was already there. There is a contractor who actually managed the project, they kept very good records of progress - you can't go and make allegations without asking for information first."

The report singled out the Nuku'alofa project director - Tukua Tonga, the Foreign Affairs advisor Noble Akau'ola, and prime minister's communication advisor - Ahongalu Fusimalohi.