20 Apr 2011

Nevada based airline keen to fly to American Samoa

11:28 am on 20 April 2011

A Nevada based airline, American West Aircraft has expressed interest in flying to American Samoa.

The Chief Executive Officer, Drex Hansen, told KHJ News that his company is exploring the feasibility of a Cargo with Passengers Airline Operation from Southern California to Northern and Western Australia.

The service would use B-747-300 aircraft and the company is eyeing American Samoa for fuel stops.

Mr Hansen says an analysis of the region suggests the company can provide a better service and better Airfare and Cargo rates for Samoans and other Islanders.

At this stage the airline is looking at flying from an international airport in Southern California to Pago Pago directly twice a week, and on to Australia with two return flights a week to South California.

It also intends to operate the same twice a week service via Fiji.