19 Apr 2011

Solomons opposition watches re-shuffle fallout

1:20 pm on 19 April 2011

The Solomon Islands opposition says it's watching the fallout from the Prime Minister's cabinet reshuffle as it's possible some of his dumped ministers may turn their backs on the government.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced he'd discarded six of his ministers, including several who had returned to the government a few months ago after switching briefly to the opposition.

A spokesperson for the opposition office, Deli Oso, says its possible they may now head back to the opposition benches, although no approaches have been made on either side.

But a political commentator, John Roughan, says the government and opposition need to agree on consequences for MPs who repeatedly jump between the two.

"Now both government and opposition realises this instability is not good for the country and there's going to be a consequence whatever it's going to be for example if you do jump from one side to another you can not be nominated in a portfolio for six months or something of that nature."

Dr John Roughan