26 Mar 2011

Tongans determined to end PRC campaign on winning note

10:14 am on 26 March 2011

Tonga A insist they wont be doing anyone any favours when the Pacific Rugby Cup is decided in Sigatoka this afternoon.

Fiji Warriors lead the competition but Samoa A can clinch the title if they beat Tongans in today's final match.

Isitolo Maka says he felt his team should have won last weekend's clash with Fiji Warriors but silly penalties at crucial times saw the match slip away.

He says while they're no longer in the title hunt they've still been playing well and are determined to end with a strong performance.

"I'm sure Samoa really wanted this game to win because they need to win the PRC so I don't think we're going to give it to them easy. We're going out there to win as well so it doesn't matter to us what Samoa and Fiji needs but for us we just want to go out there and win the last game and finish the tour on a high note. It's going to be a pretty physical contest - I'm telling you this. I think they've got a big forward pack who just love to run the ball. I'm just hoping that we're going to be ready for that."

The Tonga A rugby coach, Isitolo Maka.