11 Mar 2011

No impact on Northern Marianas from Japan tsunami

11:06 pm on 11 March 2011

The acting governor of the Commmonwealth of the Northern Marianas, Eloy Inos, says the territory has not felt any effect from the tsunami which was due to hit around an hour and a half ago.

However he's advising everyone to stay on higher ground until 9pm local time.

The editor of the Saipan Tribunal in the Northern Marianas, Jay Vee Vallejera, says he saw no sign of impact from the tsunami around one hour after the first wave was due.

"As I was driving up along Beach Rd which is the road right next to the coast that faces Japan, there doesn't seem to be any impact. There were some police officers along the road, they were probably monitoring the situation and so far there has been any significant or evident damage from wave action."